India Striving and taking lead in Mink Blankets from China

India is well known for the textiles across the world.

From Handloom rugs and carpets to shuttle less made drapery and upholstery. It has everything which any textiles buyer wants.

In recent years lot of technological advancement made India at the world leading provider of sophisticated fabrics, Towels & Even Mink Blankets form which china is once well known.

Mink blanket as a category has grown exponentially and there are many mills which came to manufacture the Softest mink blankets at the best possible prices even competing with countries like china.  One city which is well known for the same in India is Panipat which has seen a large jump of manufacturers starting off in Mink Blankets. At current date Panipat has become the largest manufacturer Mink Blankets in India.  The quality is world class with the best infrastructure available to manufacture all the possible qualities of the blankets from single to double from light to heavy double ply blankets.

The quality of some players are extremely good in terms of light blankets and some made fantastic double ply blankets. There is a platform which fulfils all the requirements of blankets in wholesale directly from Mills and having mastery in blanket domain. is a platform form all types of wholesale blankets under one place. With true wholesale prices and committed quality they are truly the leader in wholesale Blankets. subsequently the manufacturer can also be reached by writing email to them here.

















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